Ways Senior Home Care Can Promote Safety

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Let Home Care Assistance Ensure Senior Safety

Senior home care can often be the most effective way to ensure your loved one remains safe in the comfort of his or her home. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of senior home care in Henderson, would like to share how professional caregiving services can help keep your loved one safe.

Medication Reminders

Forgetting to take medication on time can be a common occurrence, especially if your loved one is balancing multiple medicines. A caregiver in Henderson can remind him or her to take the correct doses at the right times and make sure prescriptions are refilled regularly.


If your loved one has impaired vision or mobility issues, driving or even walking when running errands, attending doctor’s appointments, or visiting friends and family can be dangerous. A caregiver can provide safe transportation to and from different destinations.

Fall Prevention

A caregiver can take steps to reduce the risk of falls in and around the house. This might involve moving furniture around to clear easy-to-navigate paths throughout the house, bundling cords your loved one could trip over, and making sure stairways are well-lit.


As your loved one grows older, cooking can become hazardous. He or she might forget to turn off the stove, leave something on the burner too long, or have an accident resulting in burns. A caregiver can prepare meals for your loved one and ensure these situations are avoided.

Mobility Assistance

Seniors sometimes need help getting around the house, especially if they normally use a walker or other assistive device. A caregiver can provide your loved one with additional support to lower the risk of serious injuries by helping him or her walk through the house, get in and out of the tub, or removing clutter from the floor. If you’re in search of a trusted senior care provider, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer reliable live-in and hourly care in Henderson, and our professional caregivers can assist with all of the tasks above, as well as light housekeeping, bathing, and grooming. For more information or to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, call one of our friendly Care Managers at (702) 527-7723.


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