How Seniors Can Learn to Love In-Home Care

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How Seniors Learn to Love At-Home Care in Henderson, NV

Seniors sometimes grudgingly accept home care services, and it may take some time to bond with their new caregiver. While this transition is usually short-lived, these strategies can help ease your elderly loved one into accepting his or her new in-home care arrangement and find ways to appreciate it.

Choose the Right Caregiver

The rapport between your loved one and his or her Henderson caregiver is important. For this reason, it is best your loved one gets to know several different caregivers to find one who matches his or her personality. Once a solid relationship is established, your loved one may look forward to the caregiver’s visits and be more willing to allow additional assistance as it is needed.

Visit Frequently

Sometimes, seniors worry their friends and family members will not visit as often as they did now that a caregiver is tending to their needs. You can alleviate this fear by continuing to spend time with your loved one, and you should also build a relationship with your loved one’s caregiver to foster good communication.

Focus on the Benefits

A high-quality Henderson in-home care service can help your loved one enjoy greater independence. It is important to focus on the positive benefits your loved one is enjoying now that he or she has a caregiver. Better health potential, opportunities for socialization, and the ability to enjoy life unencumbered by chores are a few of the benefits your loved one can focus on as he or she adjusts to the new arrangement.

Find a Favorite Activity

Now that your loved one has a compassionate caregiver, he or she is free to explore new opportunities. Perhaps your loved one has always enjoyed going to the movies, but he or she was uncomfortable driving. Now, your loved one can enjoy a weekly trip to the theater with transportation from a caregiver. If he or she loves reading but has impaired vision, a caregiver can help by reading aloud. Having a shared activity to look forward to can help reinforce the bonds between seniors and their caregivers. Having a Henderson live-in home caregiver to assist your loved one with daily tasks can help promote his or her quality of life. At Home Care Assistance, our top priority is keeping seniors safe and comfortable while aging in place. All of our caregivers are trained in the Balanced Care Method, a program that focuses on healthy diet, physical activity, sharp minds, social ties, and calmness and purpose. We also offer part-time care if your loved one only needs help a few hours a day or a few days a week. For more information, call one of our Care Managers at (702) 527-7723 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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