3 Health Benefits of Laughter for the Elderly

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How Laughter Benefits Henderson, NV Seniors

There is an essential healing element that should be a part of every senior’s day, and it doesn’t come via a doctor’s prescription. Studies have proven seniors can enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing through the simple act of laughing. Many Henderson caregivers agree laughter can be a powerful natural medicine, and here are 3 reasons why your senior loved one should find an excuse to laugh as often as possible.

1. Lessens Tension and Pain

A good belly laugh or even the smile that results from a good joke can help relax tension in the muscles and soothe body aches and pains for as long as 45 minutes. Laughter helps the body release endorphins, the feel-good substance in the brain, and it also reduces harmful levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. When aches and pains become less evident, your loved one is more likely to get moving, get interested, and get more involved in physical activity.

2. Strengthens Immunity

Another key health benefit of laughter is the impact it has on the immune system, which is often weaker in the senior years, leading to a higher risk of illness and disease. However, laughter has been proven to increase the production of infection-fighting antibodies in the immune system. It also helps cleanse the lymphatic system, an important part of the complex immune system, and keeps stress hormones at low levels, which can help ensure the immune system works properly and prevents illness.

3. Boosts Emotional Health

Being receptive to laughter can help take the edge off some of the challenging aspects of aging and help your loved one stay positive as his or her need for elderly home care in Henderson grows. When laughter becomes a part of everyday life, the likelihood for happiness increases and the risk of becoming depressed greatly decreases. Medical studies have shown laughter leads to optimism, which in turn enhances both psychological and physical resiliency in seniors. The more your loved one laughs, the better he or she can face adversity in life, including loss, health complications, and financial dilemmas. Having a sense of humor isn’t the only path to better health. If you’re looking for additional solutions to help keep your loved one healthy, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers not only make great social companions, but they are also expertly trained to help seniors with exercise, cooking, bathing, and much more. For more information on hourly and live-in home care Henderson seniors can count on, call one of our friendly Care Managers at (702) 527-7723 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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