How Can Seniors Defend Themselves?

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Self Defense Classes For Seniors in Henderson

Seniors aren’t always able to defend themselves as well as younger adults, which can make them more vulnerable to attacks. There are many news stories today about seniors being taken advantage of or hurt, but your elderly loved one can learn a few self-defense techniques and reduce his or her risk. Henderson, NV, caregivers suggest a few tips to help your loved one stay safe.

Take a Self-Defense Training Course

Seniors with limited mobility or who are weak due to an illness may not be able to take a basic self-defense class, but those who are still fairly active should consider signing up for one to increase their safety. Criminals looking to physically attack or rob your loved one might be surprised when they discover he or she is able to put up a fight, and they may choose to back off as a result. For seniors who can’t manage attending a full class, learning even a few standard self-defense moves can make a difference as well. For instance, you can teach your loved one to go limp rather than fight if someone tries to physically restrain him or her. This tactic may surprise the attacker long enough for your loved one to get to safety or yell for help. 

Avoid Looking Like a Target

There are many ways your loved one can avoid being targeted by criminals on the street. Purses should be carried in the front rather than to the side, with their contents zipped up and out of view, and wallets should be carried in front pockets instead of back pockets. Encourage your loved one to practice safety in numbers and walk with a friend or Henderson hourly caregiver after dark. If your loved one must walk somewhere alone after dark, make sure he or she calls you or a friend when leaving and again when arriving at the destination. Even the threat of someone awaiting a phone call is sometimes enough of a deterrent to many criminals. Teach your loved one to be calm and confident in public places. Criminals often prey on loners or people who look nervous or frail.

Make a Plan in Case of an Attack

Much like your family should have a plan for other emergencies, it’s important to make a plan with your loved one about the self-defense tactics he or she should use in daily life and in special circumstances. For instance, a trip into the city may warrant a discussion on what your loved one should bring and what to do if he or she is attacked. Having a plan in place for dangerous situations can help your loved one remain confident, which gives him or her a higher chance of remaining safe. Getting out of the house means your loved one has more opportunities to exercise, attend appointments and social events, and enjoy the fresh air. Having a companion on these excursions can increase your loved one’s safety, and hiring a professional caregiver might be the perfect solution. At Henderson Home Care Assistance, our caregivers can provide transportation and companionship, assist with mobility and exercise, and help with many daily tasks in and outside of the house. For more information on the senior care, Henderson, NV, families trust, call one of our qualified Care Managers today at (702) 527-7723.  


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